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The WBF In 2011 - Growing And Growing Fast

Posted on January 2 2012                                              Bookmark and Share
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After already having a tremendous 2010, again the only way was up for the World Boxing Federation in 2011, easily surpassing the previous years’ numbers and setting a new record in terms of championship fights. This is especially remarkable in view of the WBF policy to keep the number of different titles to a minimum as opposed to some 'colorful' titles created by other sanctioning bodies.

In 2011, the WBF sanctioned a total of 40 championship bouts, which amounts to a 15% growth rate from the previous year.

These 40 fights for WBF titles took place in 15 different countries, namely Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea and the USA.

With these statistics, the World Boxing Federation now is firmly on the fast track to establish itself as the most serious contender to challenge the WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO.

“We bring sanity back into boxing by not bringing in ridiculous and meaningless titles which no fan really wants or having regional titles with ineligible fighters competing for it, simply to earn a sanction fee,” explains WBF President Howard Goldberg of South Africa, further saying “Plus, we try to eliminate officials who only serve  the benefits of promoters. We want honest, honorable officials with integrity and that is exactly what we have at this time."

The highly qualified staff of the World Boxing Federation grew during 2011 parallel to the growth of the championship activity and noteworthy additions in the past year included Alan Santana of California (North American Coordinator), Torben Seemann Hansen of Denmark (Executive Committee Chairman), Gianluca Di Caro of England (Marketing Director), as well as David Walshe of Ireland (Irish Republic Representative) and Dan Hernandez of New Mexico (North American Media Coordinator).

Also, 2011 saw the WBF embracing Facebook and Twitter as well as launching its own merchandise clothing line. More is in store for 2012 with the next WBF World Convention firmly in the pipeline, the Gaelic/Celtic championships designed to give an impetus for boxer worldwide from these heritages, and further countries lining up to start promoting WBF championships. “We know it is a long road ahead of us, but we are ready for the journey, well equipped and will never stop improving. I promise 2012 will be even more of a success for the WBF,” says Goldberg.


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