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Q & A: WBF World Champion Anne Sophie Mathis

Posted on June 13 2012                                              Bookmark and Share
By: Clive Baum           



World Boxing Federation Womenís World Welterweight Champion, and Pound-For-Pound Queen, Anne Sophie Mathis is just a few days away from her June 15 rematch with Holly Holm in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mathis stopped Holm in their first fight last December by seventh round knockout, and is confident she will be able to win again. The WBF World title fight will be promoted by Fresquez Productions.

The following is a Q & A with Mathis, courtesy of Bob Trieger:


Q: Last time was your first fight in the US. Do you expect things to be more comfortable this time around? Not so much the fight but being in New Mexico, cultural and language differences, food, etc

A: I do not think that the fight be easier, it will be harder because the judges will not allow me to win on points. I shall need a KO to be sure to win a second time.

Q: How, if at all, do you expect this fight to be any different than the last?

A: By being a little bit realistic, I do not think that she will come and  look for the confrontation!


Q: Is there an advantage for you because you stopped here the last fight and does that weigh in a fighter's mind?

A: It is certain that it is an advantage, but especially what is going to move me forward is to know the place and the fighter, and to be 100 % ready physically and mentally.


Q: Not looking ahead but, assuming you win, where do you go from here?

A: No matter the result I hope to fight (Cecilia) Braekhus at the end of the year. Otherwise I may retire from boxing.


Q: were you pleased with the notoriety you received from beating Holly?

A : I was very satisfied with the response I got from the media in America. But the French media is not interested in female boxing.


Q : Are you any different than you were the first fight?

A: I havenít changed, except for progressing mentally and technically. I focus on the level of my opponent, and I study them to fight them the best way. I donít underestimate anybody, but I trust in myself and my work.


Q: It's obvious you have a big punch. Holly said she got away from her game plan of boxing. Do you expect here to drastically change her style for this fight?

A: I think itís impossible to change your boxing style in only a few months. She will fight the way she fights. She wants to dominate, but when she is dominated the plan falls into the water. I have studied most of her fights, and I think I know her better than she knows me, and I know how to beat her again.


Q: Without giving away any secrets, do you plan to fight the same type of fight?

A: I wonít say a word about it, but I will be stronger than in the first fight.


Q: What type of fight do you expect?

A: I expect that she will fight defensively, and that she will try to hit and run to avoid the confrontation.


Q: Any prediction?

A: Itís going to be a knockout, or I probably lose on points. They will give it to her, even if I deserve to win. They tried everything to put me off in the first fight, and I donít expect any favors from the judges.

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