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Goldberg’s Ghana Conquest

Posted on October 4 2012                                              Bookmark and Share
By: WBF     


World Boxing Federation President Howard Goldberg returned last week to his Cape Town headquarters from what was doubtlessly an adventure in Accra – and definitely a success of the long-term plan to conquer Ghana, one of Africa’s countries with the longest boxing tradition, for the WBF.

It already started on June 16, 2012 when at a packed Lebanon House in Ghana’s capital, huge underdog Korley Collison won a majority 12-round decision (the WBF approves regional and International title bouts over 12, instead of 10, rounds, if all involved parties apply for it) over compatriot and former African champion Abdul Malik Jabir for the vacant WBF All-Africa lightweight title.

While the scoring was controversial (118:105, 112:110 and 112:112), the Chairman of the Ghana Boxing Authority Samir Captan, who supervised the bout on behalf of the WBF, reported that the fans rocked the roof in excitement and that the better man got the decision. A rematch, however, could well be on the cards sooner rather than later.

In the follow up, WBF President Goldberg went to Ghana personally, not only to meet with GBA Chairman Captan to discuss the implications of the Collison vs Jabir contest, but also to attend a show at the same venue on September 29, 2012 and supervise the vacant WBF All-Africa Super Bantamweight championship between hot unbeaten prospect Joshua Barnor and Asamoah Wilson.

Unfortunately, Wilson pulled out at the very last minute and Barnor was left to go over old ground against equally late substitute and previous opponent Alfred Quaye, stopping him again, this time in three rounds, to move to 8-0 (7 KO’s). Since Quaye obviously did not qualify for a title bout of any sorts, the WBF did not approve it as such, but the WBF Championship Committee nevertheless decided to still award the title to Joshua Barnor, who consequently left the ring plus the blue WBF belt.

Howard Goldberg, tired but happy with the results of his journey, reported:

“I have no doubt that Ghana can be huge for the World Boxing Federation. During my short time in Accra, several promoters showed huge interest in staging WBF fights in their country and in forging a strong relationship with the most fast-growing organization in the world.”

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