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Breathtaking 2012 For WBF

Posted on December 26 2012                                              Bookmark and Share
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I promise 2012 will be even more of a success for the WBF,” said Howard Goldberg this time 12 months ago. But it is reasonable to assume that even the WBF President himself could not have imagined the way the World Boxing Federation indeed exploded in the year now about to close out.

While other organizations made headlines in 2012 by actually selling titles, crowning up to three world champions per weight division or inventing ever-new, ever-crazy titles, the WBF stuck to its “the-fewer-titles-the-better” policy, knuckled down and was rewarded with more and more promoters seeing sense in stopping the nonsense and fighters of high caliber choosing to box for WBF titles rather than trusting organizations that proved time and again they cannot be trusted.

The success of the WBF can thus be proved in numbers that don’t lie: In 2011, there were 40 WBF championship fights worldwide, which meant an increase of almost 15% from the previous year. This record has now emphatically been broken by an astonishing 55 title bouts during 2012, translating into an unbelievable growth of 37,5%, which is incredible by any means.

Also, in female boxing, the WBF underlined in 2012 its dominance amongst sanctioning bodies. The 13 current world champions average a boxrec rating of # 6 with five WBF women’s champs actually being undefeated. The highlights of the year, obviously, were the second clash between female superstars Holly Holm and Anne Sophie Mathis, plus of course ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ Holm, the only female boxing star in the USA, moving down to light welter to clinch her second WBF crown.

Still, Dominik Junge, who assumed the position of Women’s Boxing Chairman last summer, feels that in the year ahead, even further mountains will be climbed by the World Boxing Federation, saying “Already, the WBF is established as the ‘Home of Women’s Boxing’ and we will make sure to spread the word!”.

New territory was conquered as well, with Colombia, Thailand, Ukraine and Ghana holding their first WBF championships since the re-establishment of the original World Boxing Federation in 2009. More countries are set to follow with ex-pro Ricky Bushell from New Zealand recently taking over the vacant position of Continental Coordinator for Oceania.

Main projects for 2013 include the introduction of new, high-quality championship belts as well as the next world convention, penciled in for September in Germany. Surely, an interesting year ahead for the World Boxing Federation!

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