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Presidents Column  | 
November 2009

Posted on November 9 2009                                              Bookmark and Share
By WBF President Howard Goldberg  


On the eve of Francois Botha's WBF world heavyweight title defence against Pedro Carrion in Dessau, Germany on October 24, a meeting took place with some of the most influential boxing people from South Africa, Europe and the US. The feeling of the assembly was that while World Boxing Foundation president Mick Croucher of Australia had worked wonders with his organization, it was now at a point of stagnating, with the inability to progress to a higher level.

The meeting felt that in order to take the organization to greater heights and to realize its high potential it would need to be revamped and that a new dynamic and influential executive needed to be formed.

The decision taken at the meeting and after careful legal considerations had paved the way, was to go back to our original roots and form anew the World Boxing Federation, inviting all existing champions of the World Boxing Foundation to simply switch their titles and come across as the new and current World Boxing Federation champions and continue the legacy (more on the WBF’s more than 20-year history soon to be published on this website).

We are delighted that world champions Francois Botha (heavy), William Gare (supermiddle), Kreshnik Qato (middle), Bongani Mwelase (superwelter), Mlungisi Dlamini (light) and Lububalo Msutu (bantam) have immediately come across to the World Boxing Federation.  In addition virtually all the Intercontinental and International champions have followed suit. We are also proud to announce that we have six world title fights lined up in Europe over the next four months, as well as several others across the world.  All ring officials will also be welcomed into the World Boxing Federation with immediate effect.

We have set up a new executive structure, one we feel will elevate the World Boxing Federation to a much higher and more professional level. This structure which has been implemented with immediate effect is as follows:

President Howard Goldberg (South Africa)

Vice Presidents Ron Scalf (USA) and Matteo Fratini (Italy)

Additional Executive Members: Jean Marcel Nartz and Olaf Schroeder (both Germany)

The WBF’s good friend and partner, Ylli Ndroqi of Albania, will represent us as Honory President and is planning to hold the WBF World Convention next March in his countries’ capital Tirana, details to follow. Several further exciting projects are being discussed at present.

Until next time, keep boxing.

Howard Goldberg

PRESIDENT: World Boxing Federation


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