Fighter Of The Year
Isaac Rodrigues (Brazil)

WBF World Middleweight Champion

Previous Winners:

2013: Danie Venter (South Africa)
2012: Marco Antonio Rubio (Mexico)
2011: Michael Grant (USA)

2010: Evander Holyfield (USA)
2009: William Gare (South Africa)
- Despite a respectable 19-2 record, Rodrigues began the year as an almost “forgotten fighter”. He ended 2014 as WBF world middleweight champion and Fighter of the Year. What a difference 12 months can make. The turn-around for the 30-year-old began when he KO’ed Eduardo Tercero in the 4th round in May to win the WBF Latin super middleweight belt. When WBF world champ Bernard Donfack declined an offer to venture to Brazil in favor of a defense in Germany, Isaac switched his attention to his original 160 lbs division – and delivered in real style, stopping Mexican José Pinzon in eight turbulent rounds to finally, after more than nine years as a professional, crown himself a world champion and a deserving WBF Fighter of the Year award.
 Female Fighter Of The Year
Eva Voraberger (Austria)

WBF World Super Flyweight Champion

Previous Winners:

2013: Christina Hammer (Germany)
2012: Holly Holm (USA)
2011: Christina Hammer (Germany)
2010: Ramona Kühne (Germany)
2009: Natascha Ragosina (Russia)
- Austria’s “Golden Baby” is the only female fighter to win two WBF world title bouts last year, but that’s not the point. One can also not argue much with those who say she should have won her two championship fights more convincingly, but listen to her 2014 story. It began when Eva grabbed the vacant WBF world super flyweight crown with a close decision against Thai teenager Nonggift Onesongchaigym, who in eight previous outing had only lost in her debut. In November, WBF International bantamweight titleholder Renata Domsodi moved down to challenge Voraberger, and what a struggle it turned out to be. After two rather uneventful rounds, Renata landed a perfect right hand in the 3rd to not just knock Eva down, but also dislocate her jaw! She barely beat the count and while the Austrian corner wanted to save her, Voraberger, hardly able to speak, declined and finished the fight in a grotesque state. Every round was nip-‘n’-tuck, every round was painful and only a desperate effort in the 10th and last stanza saved Eva the split decision and her world title. And if you think that’s still not enough of a character test, then consider that she was crying in the dressing room for a gallant Renata Domsodi, uttering in severe pain how much the Hungarian deserves a rematch. But even if Voraberger would lose a return, she will forever remain the WBF’s Female Fighter of the Year 2014.
 Fight Of The Year
Rafik Harutjunjan W12 Ilya Prymak 

World Welterweight Championship
(13.10 / Amsterdam)

Previous Winners:

2013: Laszlo Toth vs. Giorgi Ungiadze
2012: Juan José Montes vs. Oscar Ibarra I
2011: Ali Funeka vs. Zolani Marali I
2010: Evander Holyfield vs
. Francois Botha
2009: Kreshnik Qato vs. Fabio Liggieri
- Never heard of them before? Well, most boxing fans will share that feeling. Except those who were ringside for their epic battle, because for them it might very well end up a memory to cherish for decades to come. Statistically, both were beginners with Harutjunjan going into his biggest fight at 7-0 and Prymak at 8-0, but their battle was well worth for the winner to become WBF world welterweight champion. And yet, the fight was almost over before it really began, when a Harutjunjan right hand cracked Prymak in the opening round and one could only guess what prevented him from falling. It was the start of a war with neither willing to owe the other a punch and advantages kept switching almost by the round. Ukraine’s Prymak had the fight won – or so everyone thought – in round seven, when he send a spend Harutjunjan down twice. But somehow or other, Rafik managed to come back and they finished a fight to behold standing toe-to-toe and punching like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, this fight had to have a loser, but in reality, both proved so much that both are winners. And what to speak of the fans at ringside, who will need a similar amount of punches to their heads to ever forget the WBF’s Fight of the Year 2014.
 Female Fight Of The Year
Rola El Halabi W10 Victoria Cisneros

World Light Welterweight Championship
(10.5 / Ulm)

Previous Winners:

2013: Raja Amasheh vs. Eva Voraberger
2012: Holly Holm vs. Anne Sophie Mathis II
2011: Christina Hammer vs. Maria Lindberg
2010: Myriam Lamare vs. Lucia Morelli
2009: Myriam Lamare vs. Ann Marie Saccurato
- This one, the second defense of the WBF world light welterweight title by El Halabi, surely ranks high among the most absorbing female fights in history. No knockdowns, but an all-out war that became more intense with each passing round. The champion was the boxer, the challenger the fighter – and you’ll never see a tougher girl than Victoria, or one with a better body attack. Regardless of what Rola landed, and it was a lot, make no mistake, Cisneros was right in her face, maltreating her body in frightful fashion. El Halabi’s win was close, but deserved, and when she briefly collapsed in the dressing from sheer exhaustion you knew you had seen something special. You had seen the WBF Female Fight of the Year 2014 and 2015 will be hard pressed to deliver a better one.
 Newcomer Of The Year
Zhang Junlong (China)

Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion

Previous Winners:

2013: Timy Shala (Austria)
2012: Timur Akhundov (Ukraine)
2011: Nadjib Mohammedi (France)
2010: Yvan Mendy (France)
2009: Goran Delic (Bosnia & Hercegovina)
- Can someone at 34 years of age be called a Newcomer of the Year? Yes, Zhang can! The big Chinese heavyweight won all his four fights in 2014 by knockout, along the way picking up the WBF Asia-Pacific and, in his most recent fight, the WBF Intercontinental title. Junlong’s record now stands at 8-0 (8) and, knowing that he ain’t a teenager anymore, he is eager to prove himself next year at the world level. Of the previous five WBF Newcomer’s of the Year, two progressed to become WBF world champions and Zhang Junlong has the size, tools and power to follow suit.
 Female Newcomer Of The Year
Melanie Zwecker (Germany)

International Featherweight Champion

Previous Winners:

2013: Natalia Smirnova (Russia)
2012: Raja Amasheh (Germany)
2011: Zita Zatyko (Hungary)

- 2014 was a good year for German featherweight Melanie Zwecker: She remained undefeated as a professional and, of course, she won her first title, the WBF International crown, convincingly outpointing experienced Grecia Nova from the Dominican Republic. Her other two (non-title) opponents last year were dispatched inside the distance and Melanie set herself up for bigger things over the coming 12 months with a record now standing at 6-0 (3) with 1 No Contest. And now she’s got a WBF award on top of it!
 Promoter Of The Year
Dexter T. Tan (Philippines)

Previous Winners:

2013: Oliver Heib & Bernhard Notar (Germany)
2012: Oswaldo Kuchle & Hector Garcia (Mexico)
2011: Damian Michael (South Africa)
2010: Ylli Ndroqi (Albania)
2009: Ulf Steinforth (Germany)

- The 40-year-old from General Santos City, head of Sanman Promotions, started to promote professional fights in 2009. While 2014 was by far his busiest and most fruit-bearing year in the game so far, it also marked the start of Dexter’s hugely successful relationship with the World Boxing Federation. He promoted no less than eight WBF championships last year and consequently established the WBF firmly in the Philippines. At the top of his WBF achievements sits new WBF world super featherweight champion Harmonito Dela Torre.
 Presidents Special Service Award
André Martin (France)

Previous Winners:

2013: Jennifer Salinas (Bolivia)
2012: Oliver Heib & Bernhard Notar (Germany)
2011: Dr. Humbert Furgoni (France)
2010: John Sheppard (England)
2009: Anila Qato (Albania)

- The WBF Presidents Award is bestowed for sincerity, honor, respect, principles and hard work and commitment. The 2014 award was a tough decision with several worthy contenders standing out. However, WBF President Howard Goldberg made the decision to give his award to the President of the French Boxing Federation (FFB), André Martin, for his principled attitude of standing by the WBF's decision in the world title fight between Raja Amasheh and Amira Hamzaoui. While others tried to overrule the decision of the judges, who had been co-approved by the WBF and WBC, Martin had no hesitation in standing behind the original decision of the judges, and thus proved himself as a man of integrity, and not one to be intimated by others. His principled and bold approach, and his transparency after this fight was concluded makes him a worthy winner of the WBF's Presidents Special Service Award.
 Trainer Of The Year
Ulysses Pereira  (Brazil)

Previous Winners:

2013: Juan Carlos Contreras (Mexico)
2012: Alan Toweel
(South Africa)
2011: Dirk Dzemski (Germany)

- Of course, his masterpiece as a trainer was turning Brazilian superstar Acelino Freitas into an all-time great. But the job Ulysses Pereira did with Isaac Rodrigues over the past year, justifies nothing less than to decorate the 51-year-old with the WBF Trainer of the Year award for 2014. Of course – see below – he is the man in the gym behind the stunning success Rodrigues enjoyed, culminating in winning the WBF world middleweight title and Fighter of the Year award. Pereira has his own boxing gym in his hometown of Belem, Brazil from which he trains professional boxers since 1995, closing in fast on two decades of the hard work that is seldom witnessed, but instrumental behind the success of every boxer. Now those gym walls will be decorated by the WBF’s award plaque, testimony of the expertise and success of Ulysses Pereira as a world class trainer.
 Referee Of The Year
Brahim Ait Aadi  (Belgium)

Previous Winners:

2013: Edward Marshall (South Africa)
2012: Tonio Tiberi (Luxembourg)
2011: Juan José Ramirez (Mexico)

- For boxers, sometimes reputations are built on just one fight. Now we know that this also goes for referees. While it is surprising to see a referee of Ait Aadi’s undisputed quality featuring in just one WBF championship in 2014, that was a fight he won’t ever forget and it’s not because he refereed the WBF Fight of the Year between Rafik Harutjunjan and Ilya Prymak. Here’s the story: While trying to break the fighters in round five, Brahim actually dislocated his right shoulder and experienced severe pain. Maybe he was so adrenaline-charged by the slug-fest for which he had the best “seat” in the house, but fact is he declined the offer of judge Mufadel Elghazaoui to substitute for him after the injury occurred. And guess what, Brahim refereed in amazing fashion until the final bell with hardly anyone noticing that something was wrong with him! Right after the fight, Elghazaoui drove Ait Aadi to an Amsterdam hospital, where they spend the night with examinations during which it turned out that also a tendon was ruptured and an operation at one point in the future is unavoidable. Next time an announcer introduces Brahim, he might well say “And now, make place for the toughest referee in town - and WBF Referee of the Year 2014!”

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