Fighter Of The Year
Hassan Mwakinyo (Tanzania)

WBF Intercontinental Super Welterweight Champion.

Previous Winners:

2019: Travis Hanshaw (USA).
2018: Patrick Kinigamazi (Rwanda / Switzerland).

2017: Patrick Kinigamazi (Rwanda / Switzerland).
2016: Taylor Mabika (Gabon).
2015: Alexander Brand (Colombia).
2014: Isaac Rodrigues (Brazil).
2013: Danie Venter (South Africa).

2012: Marco Antonio Rubio (Mexico).
2011: Michael Grant (USA).
2010: Evander Holyfield (USA).
2009: William Gare (South Africa).

- Mwakinyo firstly won the WBF Intercontinental Super Welterweight title against unbeaten Bebe Rico Tshibangu, and then defended it successfully with an emphatic knockout of Jose Carlos Paz.

He moved his record to 18-2 (12), and looks forward to challenging Lasha Gurguliani in March 2021 for the World Boxing Federation (WBF) world title.

 Female Fighter Of The Year
Ema Kozin (Slovenia)

WBF World Middleweight & Super Middleweight Champion.

revious Winners:

2019: Nicole Wesner (Germany).
2018: Oshin Derieuw (Belgium)
2017: Segolene Lefebvre (France).
2016: Isabel Millan (Mexico).
2015: Nicole Wesner (Germany).
2014: Eva Voraberger (Austria).
2013: Christina Hammer (Germany).

2012: Holly Holm (USA).
2011: Christina Hammer (Germany).
2010: Ramona Kuehne (Germany).
2009: Natascha Ragosina (Russia).

- A second award to one of the top women fighters in the world, as she won Female Fight of the Year honors in 2019.

Matched against former world champion Chris Namus of Uruguay, Kozin systematically took Namus apart in a tough competitive fight to earn the 2020 Female Fighter of the Year award.

 Fight Of The Year
Ridwan Oyekola vs. Lucas M. Montesino

Int. Super Featherw. Title (27.12 / Ibadan, Nigeria).

Previous Winners:

2019: Ayanda Nkosi vs. Emanuel Lopez.
2018: Vasil Ducar vs. Samuel Kadje
2017: Diego Diaz Gallardo vs. Michel Mothmora
2016: Christopher Sebire vs. Martin Antonio Coggi.
2015: Jan Zaveck vs. Sasha Yengoyan.
2014: Rafik Harutjunjan vs. Ilya Prymak.
2013: Laszlo Toth vs. Giorgi Ungiadze.

2012: Juan José Montes vs. Oscar Ibarra I.
2011: Ali Funeka vs. Zolani Marali I.
2010: Evander Holyfield vs. Francois Botha.
2009: Kreshnik Qato vs. Fabio Liggieri.

- It was the last WBF fight of the year and one we had been waiting for.

Ten rounds of explosive toe-to-toe action, with every punch looking like it would result in a knockout.

A truly captivating fight which will be remembered for many years to come.

 Newcomer Of The Year
Ridwan Oyekola (Nigeria)

International Featherweight Champion.

revious Winners:

2019: Donald Brown (USA) / Ayumu Hanada (Japan).
2018: Oluwaseun Joshua Wahab (Nigeria)
2017: Sherif Morina (Germany).
016: Malik Zinad (Libya) & André Valavanis (Egypt).
2015: Frans Ramabola (South Africa).
2014: Zhang Junlong (China).
2013: Timy Shala (Austria).

2012: Timur Akhundov (Ukraine).
2011: Nadjib Mohammedi (France).
2010: Yvan Mendy (France).
2009: Goran Delic (Bosnia & Hercegovina).

- With a record of 7-1 (5), Oyekola showed his great potential with an outstanding win over the game Argentinian Lucas Mattias Montesino on December 27 in the fight of the year.

Look out for great things in 2021 for this young fighter with huge potential.

 Female Newcomer Of The Year
Katelynn Phelan (Ireland)

Intercontinental Bantamweight Champion.

Previous Winners:

2019: Fatima Dudieva (Russia).
2018: Kylie Fulmer (Australia)
2017: Oshin Derieuw (France)
2016: Segolene Lefebvre (France).
2015: Dan Bi Kim (South Korea).
2014: Melanie Zwecker (Germany).
2013: Natalia Smirnova (Russia).

2012: Raja Amasheh (Germany).
2011: Zita Zatyko (Hungary).

- It might be a bit strange giving our world champion Katelynn Phelan (4-0, 1 KO) the Newcomer of the Year award, but as the complete underdog against the experienced favorite Jessica Schadko of Germany, Phelan turned in an outstanding and mature performance in her convincing victory.

Much more to come from this talented fighter in 2021.

 Promoter Of The Year
Mirko Skoko (Croatia)

Skoko Box Promotion.

revious Winners:

2019: Enrico Schuetze (Germany).
2018: Saul Rios (Mexico)
2017: Nisse Sauerland (Germany).
2016: Kenji Maki (Japan).
2015: Mbali Zantsi (South Africa).
2014: Dexter T. Tan (Philippines).
2013: Oliver Heib & Bernhard Notar (Germany).

2012: Oswaldo Kuchle & Hector Garcia (Mexico).
2011: Damian Michael (South Africa).
2010: Ylli Ndroqi (Albania).
2009: Ulf Steinforth (Germany).

- Not a difficult selection here, with Mirko guiding the career of Ema Kozin further upwards, this year with a victory over Chris Namus.

Claressa Shields beware!

 Trainer Of The Year
  Rudolf Pavlin (Slovenia)

Trainer of Ema Kozin.

revious Winners:

2019: Thomas Hanshaw (USA).
2018: Robert Pantigny (France).
2017: Giorgio Costantino (Switzerland).
2016: William Guillaume (France).
2015: Artur Grigorian (Germany).
2014: Ulysses Pereira (Brazil).
2013: Juan Carlos Contreras (Mexico).

2012: Alan Toweel (South Africa).
2011: Dirk Dzemski (Germany).

- A dedicated boxing man, who sometimes is forgotten in the Kozin team.

But in fact, he is one of the most important people in the team keeping Ema fit, strong and dedicated.

A well deserved award for a really talented trainer.

 Knockout Of The Year
Jan Marsalek (Czech Republic)

KO 6 Fatih Duebues (17.10 / Donauworth, Germany).


Previous Winners:

2018: Abdallah Paziwapazi KO 6 Francis Cheka.




- Sometimes the lesser titles prove to provide the most exciting fights.

And in this case, Jan Marsalak of the Czech Republic scored an incredible one-punch knockout of Faith Duebues in the ninth round, knocking out the German cold to win the International Light Welterweight title.

A worthy recipient.

 Presidents Special Service Award
Eddie Marshall (South Africa)

Previous Winners:

2018: Torben Seemann Hansen (Denmark).
2018: No Award.
2017: Francois Botha (S.A.) & Uwe Hueck (Ger.)
2016: Johnny Najjar (USA).
2015: Dr. Adam Balogh (Germany).
2014: André Martin (France).
2013: Jennifer Salinas (Bolivia).

2012: Oliver Heib & Bernhard Notar (Germany).
2011: Dr. Humbert Furgoni (France).
2010: John Sheppard (England).
2009: Anila Qato (Albania).

- When it comes to dedication and commitment to the WBF, there is no better man the Eddie Marshall.

Eddie came on board with the restructuring of the WBF and has been a loyal servant ever since.

A world class referee, Eddie now heads the WBF for Africa and sits on the WBF Executive Committee.

A WBF man through and through and another well deserved award.


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