World Boxing Federation ®

Non-profit-making Organisation

Headquarters: Beernem, Belgium.


The founding members convened in Luxembourg to form a non-profit-making organisation, in accordance with current legal requirements, for which the following rules have been adopted:

§ 1 Name

The name of the organisation is WORLD BOXING FEDERATION, which is abbreviated to and hereafter known as the “WBF”. It is governed by these rules and by the provisions of the Law of 21st April 1928 regarding non-profit-making organisations and foundations, which was amended by the Law of 22nd February 1984 and the co-ordinated text of 4th March 1994.

§ 2 Headquarters

The headquarters of the N.P.O. WBF are located at Rietstraat 33, 8730 Beernem, Belgium.

§ 3 Duration

The N.P.O. WBF is of unlimited duration. The financial year begins on 1st January and ends on 31st December of the calendar year.

§ 4 The object of the N.P.O. “WBF”

The object of the organisation is to develop and promote worldwide professional boxing and to organise and monitor the various world championships and the awarding of championship titles.

§ 5 Members of the organisation

The N.P.O. WBF is open to individuals and groups of all nationalities. It comprises full members and affiliated members. All members are to adhere to the rules of the Organisation and must be committed to promoting and achieving its objectives. Worldwide national boxing federations and organisations can be full members of the organisation. Full members will carry out their duties through a representative who they are at liberty to appoint and according to the procedure established by each national federation around the world. Where there is a change of representative, the worldwide national federation or organisation must inform the president. Where this is the case, the worldwide national federation or organisation will not lose its affiliated membership. Each country can only be represented by one federation or organisation. Others may be admitted as affiliated members, until such time as they are able to provide evidence to show that they are the only federation or organisation representing their country. They do not have the right to vote. Every worldwide national federation or organisation has the right to have a representative. With the exception of the full member who is elected president, all full members will lose their full member status within the organisation if they are no longer the representative appointed by their federation or organisation. The federation or organisation concerned will appoint a new representative at that point, who will complete his predecessor’s term of office. Agreeing to or refusing the admission of a member is the exclusive domain of the general convention. The founder members are those full members who were involved in the creation of the WBF. Other applications must be sent to the president. Full members will not have any personal or financial liability as far as their commitment to the organisation is concerned. Their sole responsibility is to fulfil their term of office.

§ 6 Honorary members

The N.P.O. WBF may award honorary titles to those who have particularly distinguished themselves in the field of professional boxing.


§ 7 Resignation-Exclusion-Suspension


Affiliated membership of the WBF will be lost through:


            a)      resignation

            b)      non-payment of the annual subscription

            c)      exclusion

Any member may tender his resignation by registered letter, to be addressed to the secretary of the N.P.O. WBF. It cannot be accepted unless the member has fulfilled his obligations to the WBF. Any member who has not paid his subscription within three months after the due date will be deemed to have resigned. If there are serious grounds for doing so, a member may be ordered to be excluded; for example, serious or repeated violation of the rules and regulations, or causing serious harm to the interests of the N.P.O. WBF or to those of one of its members. Exclusion of a full member may only be imposed by the general convention, acting with a two thirds majority of the votes of those members present. Members who have resigned and are therefore excluded, will not have any rights regarding either the assets of the N.P.O. WBF, or the subscriptions, donations or any other payments made to the N.P.O. WBF.

§ 8 Subscriptions       

Members will pay an annual subscription of a maximum of 0,00 Euros, to be fixed by the general convention, as decreed by the directorate.

§ 9 Governing bodies


·         the general convention

·         the board of directors

·         the executive committee


The general convention is to be the highest governing body of the N.P.O. WBF.


The annual or extraordinary general convention is to be made up of:

        - full members who have the right to vote

        - affiliated and honorary members who do not have the right to vote

Members will be summoned to meet by the president of the N.P.O. WBF and general conventions are to be held at least once a year, during the first quarter of the year. A general convention will also take place whenever it is requested by at least a fifth of full members. It must be held within two months of the request being made. The place and date are to be set by the president. All members will be notified by post about attending the general convention; the letters will give details of the agenda and the place and time of the general convention and they must be sent out to members at least 30 days before the date of the general convention. The agenda is to be drawn up by the board of directors of the N.P.O. WBF. All proposals, which are to be addressed in writing to the board of directors by a full member, a fortnight before the general convention, must be placed on the agenda at the general convention. Decisions will be made only on items that appear on the agenda. During the general convention, the board of director’s reports and a statement on the N.P.O. WBF’s finances will be issued. The general convention will approve the accounts of the past year and will vote on the budget for the coming year. Only the general convention has the jurisdiction to bring about a change in the rules and to decide upon the dissolution of the N.P.O. WBF. The N.P.O. WBF is bound by the joint signatures of the president and another member of the board of directors.

Resolutions taken on a proposal are voted by a simple majority vote of the members present. Voting is to be by show of hands, unless the majority of delegates demand a secret ballot by a show of hands. In the case of a tie, the president has the casting vote. The minutes of the general convention will be sent to members of the N.P.O. WBF by the secretary, within three months of the meeting taking place.

The board of directors is the administrative body which carries out, as a residual, all the functions that are not assigned to the general convention or to any governing body of the N.P.O. WBF by these rules. It is made up of:


       a)       the president

       b)       three vice-presidents

       c)       the secretary

       d)       the chief treasurer

The members listed above are elected by the general convention for a term of three years. Members of the board of directors may be re-elected. Applications for the various positions are to be sent by post to the secretary’s office of the N.P.O. WBF at least two weeks before the date of the general convention and should have the personal signature of the president or the secretary of the federation or affiliated organisation. In the first round of voting, election is to be by absolute majority, whereas in the second round it will be by simple majority. The members of the board of directors are to be summoned by the president. The board of directors will take decisions with a simple majority vote. The board of directors has the broadest powers of administration and provision for managing business in accordance with the rules and regulations. It may be assisted, in specific cases, by temporary or permanent committees which will be responsible for studying, organising and implementing special programmes. It has the following powers:

·         monitoring compliance with these rules and other regulations

·         resolving disputes between federations and organisations

·         appointing an organiser for the world championships

·         assigning titles, prizes and awards

·         resolving all technical issues and proposing changes to technical regulations

·         additionally it ensures compliance with contractual obligations and payment of

  subscriptions and other fees.

§ 10

The president chairs the general convention and all meetings of the board of directors. He represents the N.P.O. WBF in everything regarding civil matters. If the president is unable to carry out his duties or if his post becomes vacant, his role will be assumed by one of the vice-presidents for the duration of that incapacity or vacancy.

§ 11

The members of the executive committee are appointed by the board of directors for a term of three years. The election of the president, vice-president and secretary will take place within the committee.

§ 12

The accounts for the N.P.O. WBF are held by the chief treasurer, who draws up the balance of the income and the expenses, as well as the profit for the previous year. Three auditors, appointed by the general convention, will carry out an annual audit of the chief treasurer’s accounts; they will submit their audit report to the general convention.

§ 13 Making changes to the rules

With the exception of the proposals for change that come from the board of directors, any proposal for a change to the rules must be submitted to the president no later than 60 days before the general convention. Changes to the rules are only agreed if the proposal gets a two thirds majority of valid votes cast.

Art. 14. Dissolving the organisation

The N.P.O. WBF can only be dissolved by a general convention called specifically for that purpose, acting on a two thirds majority vote.



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