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Presidents Column  |  March 2011

Posted on March 7 2011                                              Bookmark and Share
By WBF President Howard Goldberg  



I was recently asked to speak at a University dinner outlining the current status of boxing worldwide, but with particular reference to the role played by the new and improved World Boxing Federation. The most important question posed to me was where has the legitimacy of boxing titles gone? An insightful question and one I thoroughly enjoyed giving an answer.

The fact is that boxing indeed has way too many titles. However, unlike some of the other organizations, the World Boxing Federation usually does not like to compare itself with others, rather to look at ourselves, always reflect and to concentrate on delivering the highest standards possible and to make our titles meaningful. 

es, there are other organizations dreaming up titles beyond belief, titles where the term “Youth” is the norm and yet fighters in their forties seem to be contesting these titles designed for youngsters. Silver titles, super titles, interim titles, gold titles, blue titles, Emeritus titles, diamond belts, Pan-something titles - the list is endless but also meaningless once the credibilty is no more.

So my answer to the question firstly was initiated by a responding question. Why shouldn't the WBF do all these crazy titles, forget our credibility and rather put a few dollars in our account? The answer was very simple - we don't care about what our opposition sanctioning bodies do, rather we strive for credibility, honesty, integrity and transparency. We want the paying boxing public to scrutinize the WBF and see what it is that we do. They will see that we are a principled sanctioning body which hopes to build rather than to destroy. We want the public to buy in to what we do, what our objectives are, and to walk away from our title fights with great enjoyment and satisfaction.

We at the WBF offer three main titles - our world title for top world class contenders, our Intercontinental title for top fighters just outside the term 'world class' (although ironically most of our Intercontinental champions are just that), and our International title for good prospects in order to put them on a direction towards higher titles. And yes - we do have some regional titles to groom local up and coming fighters usually with records around 10 and 1 or close thereto. Four is more than enough for us.

And we have turned down many requests for titles we consider an insult to the fans. A decade or so ago, some writers proposed that boxing will come to the point that one day there are more titles on offer than fighters who can win them! At that time, most people laughed about this statement, but we have now indeed reached this point and it’s time common sense should kick in. Principles and values first, Dollars in the bank later!

Good luck to some of the other sanctioning bodies who compromise their integrity and credbility by staging ridiculous titles. We at the WBF are certainly not prepared to, not now or ever, give up on our morals, our values and our principals. You, the paying boxing supporter, be the judge.

Until next time, keep boxing.

Howard Goldberg

PRESIDENT: World Boxing Federation


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