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Presidents Column  |  February 2012

Posted on February 29 2012                                              Bookmark and Share
By WBF President Howard Goldberg  



Very often I tend to write general and pertinent articles but allow me this time to transgress slightly and focus on our growth in Mexico. Interestingly, a respected boxing friend in the USA told me it would be very difficult to enter the Mexican market given the stronghold exercised by other sanctioning bodies. 

While his comment might have been accurate at the time, he underestimated the determination, professionalism and growth of the World Boxing Federation over the past two years, and the continuing respect we have earned and keep gaining as we progress. My response to him was simply wait and see.

Mexico has indeed become an important part of the World Boxing Federation, and continues to play a significant role. It is evident that promoters there see us as being an honourable, honest and forthright organization with a passion for boxing. So much so that I decided to play a supportive role to these promoters and to do some travelling to Mexico, arguably the country with the finest boxers in the world. 

A country where boxing is not only a passion and an emotive issue, but more so a way of life. There is an abundance of talent, an unrivalled passion and a focus on putting on some of the best boxing in the world. I went to supervise the WBF world super flyweight title fight in Guadalajara on the weekend of February 24 and witnessed one of the finest and most exciting fights I have seen in decades. 

Juan José Montes and Oscar Ibarra put on a world class display of boxing skills, showed courage and true grit, and had the capacity crowd on its feet for five minutes after the final bell sounded – such was the effort put in by both warriors. 

The love for boxing in Mexico is incredible and I must compliment Sergio Sotelo, our Coordinator in that area for all his effort in growing and developing the WBF in Mexico. So while Mexico grows at a rapid rate for the WBF, let me not for one second forget all our other countries and promoters who do such a sterling job, and who we are indeed appreciative to work with. 

Each and every country, promoter, administrator, trainer and fighter from all over the world is as important to us at the WBF as is everyone else. I will be in future columns looking at other countries and promoters, but it would be remiss of me not to mention the excellence of Hector Garcia, the leader of HG Boxing in Mexico. 

Hector is clearly a boxing fanatic and to see the joy on his face after Montes was announced the winner and new world champion was a sheer delight. Hector always puts on a well organised and quality events, just as boxing should be. He is also a wonderful host and looked after me in the most professional manner.

The World Boxing Federation prides itself in working with professional people and winners. Hector is certainly one of them.

Until next time, keep boxing.

Howard Goldberg

PRESIDENT: World Boxing Federation


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