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Presidents Column  |  December 2012

Posted on December 20 2012                                               Bookmark and Share
By WBF President Howard Goldberg  



As we approach the festive season and the New Year, I look back with great satisfaction on what has been an incredible year of growth for the World Boxing Federation. The satisfaction, though, only lasts a short while because we are already in serious planning and strategising for an even better 2013 and we intend to surpass a great 2012 with much more next year.

Boxing is our lives. We live, sleep and dream boxing - but as important as boxing is, we must not forget to pay tribute to an even more important aspect: Our families. It is our families that allow us time and support us in doing what we love, even if it means that we are away from our loved ones for certain periods of time, sometimes even extensive periods of time. 

I wish to thank all the families of all our WBF people, from our committees, to our representatives, to our fighters, trainers, managers and promoters for their unwavering support.

To my Vice President, Jean Marcel Nartz, a big thank you for your continued wisdom and calmness even when the President is getting over excited in certain cases. You are a true gentleman!

To all our representatives all over the world, who work so hard, to my wonderful General Secretary Diana Spasova for her unbelievable efficiency, to Dr. Adam Balogh our chief medical man, and to everyone else administratively involved with the WBF a truly big thank you for all that you do.

To our champions, contenders, trainers, managers, and of course promoters - this great sport we all love would not exist without you and I commend you for all that you do and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Christmas and New Year is a time for celebration and a time to spend with families and loved ones. Myself, however, am touring our new WBF hotbed Mexico and the USA over Christmas, trying to set an example and show everyone that the WBF never sleeps or rests. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful and successful 2013. God bless you all.

Until next time, keep boxing.

Howard Goldberg

PRESIDENT: World Boxing Federation


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