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Presidents Column  |  January 2013

Posted on January 24 2013                                              Bookmark and Share
By WBF President Howard Goldberg  



A brand new year a time to set goals, to outline aims and objectives. It is a time for hard work, commitment and inspiration.

What better way than to use an example of a young lady who epitomises courage, determination and is an inspiration to millions. A woman who leads by example and a woman whose actions can be an examplary to all of us as we pursue our dream and vision of taking boxing to a higher level and to ensure that the World Boxing Federation rightfully assumes its place as one of the world's top sanctioning bodies.

If we could all take a leaf out of this amazing woman's book, the world and boxing would certainly be a better place.

Of course this incredible lady I am speaking about is Rola El Halabi. Her story is simple the world at her feet, a fighter with great potential, suddenly had everything taken from her when her stepfather burst into her changing room almost two years ago, crippling her career by shooting her in her knees, arms and hands.

Doctors feared for Rola's life, and she was told that she would never box again. Refusing to accept the prognosis, Rola determinedly fought back she fought the hardest fight of her life, that was the battle to get back to boxing and to the top. In December, Rola fought for the WBF world lightweigh title in her first fight back. One would have assumed that she would have asked for a relatively easy fight for her comeback, but not Rola. She went in against one of the toughest ladies around in Lucia Morelli a former champion herself.

In a great fight, Morelli emerged the new WBF world champion. However if one looks at what Rola has achieved since that fateful night of the shooting, Rola is an even bigger champion. She is a champion of life. She has conquered the virtually unconquerable. She has proven to be the most incredibly inspirational woman around and an example to all.

We at the WBF salute you, Rola. We wish the world takes notice of your story and is as inspired as we are. The WBF are moved by you and your determination and will endeavour to emulate such commitment and determination.

And, yes I can assure you, Rola will be back soon fighting for yet another WBF world title in the near future.

You are a great champion, Rola El Halabi!!!

Until next time, keep boxing.

Howard Goldberg

PRESIDENT: World Boxing Federation


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