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Presidents Column  |  August 2015

Posted on August 17 2015                                                 Bookmark and Share
By WBF President Howard Goldberg  



Having just returned from a lengthy journey from Bogota, Colombia, I reflected on a highly successful and satisfying trip. In front of a packed arena, top class Alexander Brand comprehensively beat the dangerous defending champion Bernard Donfack to win the WBF world super middleweight title producing a sharp and flawless world class performance.

Alexander Brand moved his already impressive record to 24-1 (19), with his only loss being a highly disputed points decision against current WBC champion Badou Jack. In the top twenty in the world Brand was a hero after the fight to virtually everyone barring one newspaper reporter who claimed that the title was not real!

Ironically, the thousands who watched in excitement and who shared in Brand's victory thought otherwise. They witnessed their local hero putting in an outstanding effort and being a deserving winner. To see Alexander Brand and his promoter Oscar Gomez literally cry with joy in the ring after the announcement of his victory said it all. Words were not necessary.

So what about the solitary reporter who questioned the validity of Brand's new world title? I have been in boxing for four decades and have met hundreds of boxing reporters, many of whom are excellent, do their research and write their stories in an unbiased and informative manner. They care about boxing and boxing people, rather than write speculatively to make a story.

There are some reporters who favor certain organizations more so than others, and who are sometimes reimbursed on the quiet to write stories either favoring such organizations or damning others. Thank goodness that these reporters are seen for what they are.

The World Boxing Federation and myself as President are always open to meet the press, to do stories and our request in turn not demand, but request is for these reporters simply to write the truth. I have no problem with critical reporters questioning certain issues, but reporters who are clearly biased and who are not interested in the truth I have no time for.

Colombian Alexander Brand, the new WBF world super middleweight champion, owner of an outstanding record, hero of Bogota and Colombia and yet this solitary reporter, reportedly affiliated to another organization, questions the legitimacy of Brand's title!

Brand is a champion. He is a champion inside the ring. He is a champion outside the ring. He has done Colombia proud. Interesting that this solitary reporter who questioned the fight did not come to the weigh-in, nor the press conference after the fight. That alone shows his inadequate reporting.

Alexander Brand joins the impressive list of WBF world champions, a list that includes Evander Holyfield, Humberto Soto, Francois Botha, Jan Zaveck, Michael Grant, Carlos, Takam, Marco Antonio Rubio, Malcolm Klassen and so many more. All proudly wearing the blue WBF championship belt in their time. I look forward to meeting this reporter in Colombia in December when I return there, and perhaps he will do his homework and research this time around.

Congratulations once again to Alexander Brand and his entire team for making both the WBF and Colombia proud.

Until next time, keep boxing.

Howard Goldberg

PRESIDENT: World Boxing Federation


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